Club House

What’s in the clubhouse you might ask.
Well you are certain to find many interesting photos, even a Rogue’s Gallery of our club members in fact. You will also find info on Radio Amateurs Of Canada (RAC). You will learn more about the Brantford Amateur Radio Club or learn about some of the things involved in amateur radio. In fact this page is a lot of things, you might call it a Treasure Trove. Why not have a peek and find out for yourself.


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Recently there has been a good deal of discussion within the club on how we might awaken some new interest in amateur radio and/or the Brantford Amateur Radio Club. One idea which some of our members are currently trying to instigate is to make available our club radio station to the public and other amateurs. This is being done to allow anyone interested in the radio hobby to see for themselves what goes on within the world of amateur radio. With the changes in the hobby and the evolution of computers and other hobbies our amateur ranks are being thinned out. We need more and new members to help us keep the club interesting.

For this reason Fred, VE3SXB and some others have worked dilagently over many Saturdays to spruce up our club radio room. It is their hope and that of the Club’s membership in general that you and your friends will visit us in the near future. One of these gentleman or another member of the club will open the radio shack on Saturdays between the hours of 11:00 A.M. and 2:00 P.M. for visitors. Our club station is fully functional with facilities for HF, VHF and UHF communications. You can try CW (Morse code) or simplay chat on the microphone. Oh you say you don’t have a licence. Well under the rules which govern our hobby and our personal licences we can have unlicenced guests with us while we are operating the radio. We operate the controls and allow you to communicate. Oh! you don’t want to communicate, just ask questions about amateur radio. Well you can do that to. From time to time other club members will drop into the shack during these periods for a chit chat. You can ask your questions of them or your host for the day. They are all knowledgeable people and most have been licenced for many years. One thing Amateurs do well is converse, after all that’s what the hobby is all about.
Our club station is located at the Canadian Red Cross Society building, 25 William Street in Brantford. If you yourself are interested in learning more about amateur radio or you have a group of young people such as a scout or girl guide group or possibly you know a group of seniors who would like to learn something about amateur radio, why not get in touch with one of our club Executive or club members and set up a date and time which is convenient to all. Fred and the other volunteers have family obligations as well as their interest in this project so they may not be at the station every Saturday. That’s why it is important for you to arrange a date and time with a club Executive Member before you show up. We don’t want you to come out and then be disappointed because there are no operators there. Send an email or get in touch with any club member if you have an interest and set up a date and time. We encourage you to come out and have a look.